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Typical Thai Food Menu


Maeng Khum – Thai leaves served with peanut, onion, ginger, coconut, dried shrimp, chilli padi and lemon
Tod Mun Pla – Thai style fish cake
Tod Mun Koon – Thai style prawn cake
Hor Mok – Thai style fish custard / otak-otak
Kai Hor Bai Toey – fried chicken in pandan leaves
Poh Piah Tod – Thai style spring roll
Kai Tid/Kai Kapik – Thai style fried chicken
Pu Char – Thai style fried crab meat
Peek Kai Yat Sai – Thai style stuffed chicken wing
Peek Kai Tod – Thai style deep fried chicken wing
Prontip Satay – homemade satay


Som Tham Malakor – green papaya salad
Yam Mamuang – mango salad
Yam Hoon Sen – vermicelli noodles salad with seafood
Yam Som-O- pomelo spicy salad
Tam Teen-Kai – chicken feet salad
Yam Taeng – spicy shredded cucumber salad
Yam Sam Krop – fish maw spicy salad
Tam Tak-Lae – seafood spicy salad
Yam Neur – beef spicy salad
Yam Koong – shrimp spicy salad
Yam Pla-Doo Fu – crispy shredded catfish spicy salad


Tomyam Tak Lae/Kai/Pla – seafood/chicken/fish tomyam soup
Tomyam Kah Mu – fresh pork hock soup
Tomyam koong – pran soup
Tomyam Tak-Lae/Ka/Pla Nam Sai – clear seafood/chicken/fish soup
Kongsom Koong – Southern Thai chilli prawn soup
Kang Lian – spicy and sour mixed vegetable soup with shrimp
Tom Priao – clear sour fish soup
Kang Tau Hoo Kai-Saab – minced chicken and tofu soup
Kang Paka Kau Hoo Sen – white lettuce and glass noodles soup


Khang Phet – Thai curry duck
Pad Phed Phet – Thai chilli paste duck
Kang Keow Wan Phet – green curry duck


Pla Neung Manao – Thai style steam fish with lemon and garlic
Pla Neung Tomyam – Tomyam steamed fish
Pla Neung Pek Sak – spicy and sour steam fish
Pla Neung Teow Cheow – teow chew steam fish
Pla Sum Rod – fried fish with spicy and sour paste
Pla Rad Prik – deep fried fish with chilli paste
Pla Tod Krak Thiam Prik Thai – deep fried fish with garlic and oyster sauce
Pla Peow Warn – deep fried fish with sweet and sour sauce
Pla Choo Qi – fried fish with curry paste
Kang Pla – Thai curry fish
Kang Hua Pla – Thai curry fish head
Pad Phed Pla-Doo – chilli paste catfish
Pla Yam Mamuang – Thai mango fish


Panang Kai – red curry chicken
Pad Phed Kai – Thai chilli paste chicken
Bai Krak Pau Kai – basil leaves chicken
Peow Warn Kai – sweet and sour chicken
Massaman Kai – spicy peanut sauce chicken
Kai Tod / Kai Kapik – Thai style fried chicken
Kang Keow Wan Kai – green curry chicken
Kang tai – Thai curry chicken
Tom Kah Hai – white curry chicken
Met mamuang Kai – cashew nut chicken
Pon Kali Kai – Thai curry powder chicken
Kai Tod Bai Moon Kut – lemon grass chicken


Pu Auk Hoon Sen – red curry beef
Pu Pad Pon Kali – basil leaves beef
Pu Pad Nam Prik Pau – Thai chilli paste beef
Pu Pad Prik Thai Darm - Silvered ginger beef
Pu Pad Prik Thai Darm – green curry beef
Pu Pad Prik Thai Darm – Thai curry beef


Kah Mu Tod/Narm – deep fried/gravy/pork leg
Si Kung Mu Tod – deep fried pork rib
Massaman Mu Sam Chan – spicy peanut sauce lean meat
Panang Mu – red curry pork
Bai Krak Pau Mu – basil leaves pork
Pad Phed Mu – Thai chilli paste pork
Mu Peow Warn – sweet and sour pork


Khao Pad Sapparod – pineapple fried rice
Khao kruk Kapik – belacan fried rice
Khao Pad Tomyam – tomyam fried rice
Khao Pad Kee Mau – Thai style fried rice
Khao Pad Pla Kheam – salted fish fried rice
Khao Tom Kai/Pla – porridge with chicken/fish
Tomyam Sen – tomyam noodle soup
Tomyam Pad Sen – tomyam fried noodles
Pad Lard Nar – Thay style hor fun
Pad Thai – Thai style fried koay teow
Norm Chin – Thai laksa
Bai Krak Pau Kai/Neur lat Khao – basil leaves chicken/beef rice


Som Tham Malakor – green papaya salad
Yam Mamuang – mango salad
Kang Keow Wan Pak – green curry vegetable
Tau Hoo Obmordin Pak – claypot tofu with vegetable
Kang Tau Hoo – Thai curry tofu with vegetable
Tomyam Pak – Tomyam vegetable soup
Tomyam Pak Nam Sai – clear tomyam vegetable soup
Kao Phad Pak – vegetable fried rice


Khai Cheow Hom Yai – onion omelette
Khai Cheow Kai-Saab/Mu – Saab – minced chicken/pork omelette
Kai Cheow Koong – shrimp omelette
Khai Yat Sai – stuffed omelette with beans and minced chicken


Kang Tau Hoo – Thai curry tofu with vegetable and chicken
Tau Hoo Pla – fish filler tofu with beans sauce
Tau Hoo Obmordin – Kai – claypot tofu with chicken
Tofu Obmordin Tak-Lae – claypot tofu with seafood


Pad Tua Gok – beansprout with garlic/salted fish
Pad Pak Boon Fai Deng/Kapit – kankong with cili padi/belacan
Pad Kana – baby kalian with garlic / salted fish
Pak Boon Tod – deep fried kangkong
Pad Ma Kuo Yao – fried eggplant with basil leaves
Pad Hoon Sen – fried vermicelli noodles with white lettuce and minced chicken
Pad Ruammit – fried mixed vegetable
Pad Broccoli Keow – fried broccoli with garlic/oyster sauce
Pad Setor Nam Prik Pau – fried petai with tomyam paste
Pad Phed Normai – fried bamboo shoot with chilli paste
Pak Nam Prik Kapi – fresh vegetable with Thai belacan


Koong Auk Hoon Sen – claypot glass noodles prawns
Koong Sum Rod – stir fried prawns with spicy and sour sauce
Koong Pad Nam Prik Pau – stir fried prawns with dried tomyam paste
Koong Pad Sauce – stir fried prawns with tamarind sauce
Kang Keow Wan Koong – green curry prawns
Kong Peow Warn – sweet and sour prawns
Panang Koong – red curry prawns
Kang Koong Thai – curry prawns
Koong Neung Manao – steam prawns with lemon and garlic
Koong – Ten – raw prawns with spicy sauce


Pu Auk Hoon Sen – claypot crab glass noodles
Pu Pad Pon Kali – fried crab with thai curry powder
Pu Pad Nam Prik Pau – fried crab with tomyam paste
Pu Pad Prik Thai Darm – fried crab with black pepper


Pad Phed Pla-Meuk – fried squid with Thai chilli paste
Pla-Meuk Tod – deep fried squid
Pla-Meuk Tod Krak Thiam Prik Thai – deep fried squid with garlic
Pla-Meuk Pad Met Mamuang – fried squid with cashew nut
Panang Pla-Meuk – red curry squid
Bai Krak Pau Pla-Meuk – basil leaves squid
Pla-Meuk Neung Manao – steam squid with lemon and garlic

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