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The simplest Chinese dessert consists of a plate of fruits ranging from lychees (see below), mandarin oranges to papayas. While Chinese may not be well known for their large repertoire of desserts, Chinese desserts can be very delicate and delicious. Here you'll find some descriptions and Chinese recipes for some common desserts, appetizers and snacks. Try some and satisfy your taste bud with sweet mouth watering Chinese desserts or snacks/appetizers before or after a meal of main course or during breaks from work .

Some popular Chinese snacks are:

Chinese Potstickers

Melon seeds - These are primarily, for Chinese people - in the same way as sunflower seeds are for Russians. There is a certain skill in nibbling the shells and extracting the kernels elegantly. A good accompaniment with Chinese tea.

Dried Olives and plums - These are salty sweet and have a very particular function. Their main purpose is to induce saliva, and in this, they are wonderful! Just pop one of these into you mouth and at one the saliva flows and all discomfort of a dry mouth disappears! You can buy these olives and plums at Chinese and oriental stores.

Lychees - Occasionally lychees can be bought fresh. Usually they are sold in canned form in the West. The fresh lychees have a thin but tough 'shell'. When this is removed, there is a white fruit with a black stone, but the canned ones are already stoned. Canned lychees come in a thin syrup. Their delicious flavor is difficult to describe.

Pineapple TartDoufu Fa Spring Rolls





- Chilled Almond-Flavor Soybean Jelly with Longan
- Crispy Five Spice Spring Roll
- Honey Apples
- Pork Egg Rolls
- Chicken Egg Rolls
- Chinese Tofu & Broccoli Egg Rolls (Vegetarian)
- Chinese Vegetarian Egg Rolls
- Chinese Potstickers
- Melon Shells Filled with Fruits
- Red Bean Soup
- Flowing Walnut Pudding
- Almond Biscuit
- Mandarin Pancakes
- Hoisin Beef and Scallion Rolls
- Snow Fungi Sweet Soup
- Crispy Walnuts
- Cream Pie Chinese Style
- Shredded Pork with Fermented Bean Curd
- Shredded Pork with Eggs
- Chinese Sponge Cake
- Walnut Sweet
- Black Glutinous Rice Cake with Cococut Juice
- Crab Rangoon
- Chicken Wontons
- Boiled Pot stickers
- Coconut Red Bean Pudding
- Steamed Crystal Patties
- Pearls in Honey Dew
- Water Chestnut Pudding
- Peanut Cool Cake
- Longan with Lotus Seeds
- Deep-Fried Lotus Balls
- Sweet Red Bean Paste Pancakes
- Fried Custard
- Glazed Sweet Potatoes
- Sago and Pineapple Sweet
- Shrimp Balls
- Fried Shrimp in Batter
- Kiwi Cheese Jelly Mooncake
- Cappuccino Cheese Jelly Mooncake
- Chinese Radish and Carrot Pickle
- Crispy Pork Wontons
- Deep-Fried Pork with Orange Peel

- Spring Blossom Cold Dish Combination
- Deep Fried Taro Paste with Minced Duck Meat
- Oriental Pork Potstickers
- Fortune Cookies
- Chinese Lumpia
- Grilled Chinese Pork
- Crispy Noodles
- Crispy Wontons with Blackberry Szechuan Sauce
- Shrimp Toast
- Mango Pudding
- Bird's Nest with Rock Sugar
- Shrimp Toast 2
- Fried Won Tons
- Sweet Mung Bean Soup
- Fried Salted Peanuts
- Steamed Custard w/ Olive Kernel
- Sesame Seed Biscuit
- Deep Fried Sweet Potato Balls
- Sweet Peanut Cream
- Date Crisps
- Lotus Sweets
- Coconut Shrimp
- Five Spice Shrimp Puffs
- Gingered Fruit
- Shrimp Nugget
- Rice Rolls with Egg and Sweet Bean Paste
- Tofu Pudding (Tofu Fa)
- Spring Rolls with Three Shreds
- Spring Rolls
- Savory Vegetable Puff
- Pearl Balls
- Spring Onion Cakes
- Fried Meat Cakes
- Chinese Ravioli
- Sugar Cane and Water Chestnut Beverage
- Walnut Tea
- Cha Hsia
- Jelly Egg Yolks
- Red Bean Jelly Mooncake
- Mango Jelly Mooncake
- Spicy Chinese Cabbage Pickle
- Seafood in Beancurd Skin
- Chinese Candied Apples


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