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30+ Time Saving Kitchen Tools

Tool 16: Egg/Mushroom Slicer

If you use hard-cooked eggs in salads, etc., you might like one of the small egg slicers with closely spaced wires for making perfect slices. Look for one described as strong enough to also slice mushrooms.

Tool 17: A Set of "Scoop" Measuring Cups

For items such as sugar, oatmeal, rice, etc., quickly scoop the amount you need. Some scoop-type cups are a cross between a scoop and a regular measuring cup -- they have a long handle attached to a cup base.

NOTE: You wouldn't "scoop" flour for most recipes. To avoid packing, it's usually advisable to measure flour by spooning it lightly into your measuring cup.

Regardless of your preferred type of measuring cup, you may wish to own at least two sets to save clean-up time between different uses.

Tool 18: Cookie Dropper

If you bake lots of cookies, use this tool to make more uniform cookies in less time than you can by dropping dough from a spoon. Cookie droppers look like mini ice cream scoops where you push a lever on the handle to push out dough into muffin pans.

Tool 19: Funnels

Kitchen funnels are helpful for transferring bulk items into smaller containers. One cook ground a week's worth of coffee, put it in a jar and stored it in the cupboard. The rest of the beans went in the freezer. If you transfer ground coffee to a smaller coffee container, a funnel is handy. It's also great for filling sugar shakers from a larger package of sugar.

Tool 20: Detergent Dispenser With A Brush On It

Save an extra step by dispensing soap as you scrub. Some dispensers may work better for you than others. See if you can buy one at a store where the staff tried the product.

Tool 21: Salad Spinner

If you're washing lettuce, spinach leaves, etc., this tool is a must. Simply toss in your washed greens and "spin" them dry. These products work in various ways. Some have knobs you turn. Others operate through a push-down mechanism. Check around to find one with the features you like.

Tool 22: Long-Handled Bottle Brush

This cleaning tool is great for cleaning in the crevices of jars and bottles. It also works well if you're trying to get your brush in close around the inside bottom edges of pots and pans.

Tool 23: Multi-Functional Baking Dishes and Mixing Bowls

Save cupboard space and cleaning time by purchasing baking dishes suitable for baking, microwaving and storing food. Likewise, purchase microwave/oven safe mixing bowls suitable for storage and attractive enough to set on the table!

Some baking and mixing dishes come with their own covers, making them especially handy for storing foods. Be sure to follow the directions that come with these dishes and bowls to prevent breakage.

Tool 24: Non-Stick Skillet With Sloping Sides

This utensil helps you cook with a very small amount of oil, and clean-up is quick! The sloping sides make it easy to turn and remove food. To protect the nonstick surface, use spatulas, stirring spoons, etc. made for use with this type of coating.

Tool 25: Heat Resistant Spoon-Shaped Spatulas

Mix, scrape and stir again at the stove with this one utensil. Once you try these, you may want them in several sizes.

Tool 26: Jar Opener

If your only jar opener is a flat piece of rubber or you don't have an opener at all, check out the kitchen gadget section at your favorite store. Some of the latest models let you stick the jar lid between two prongs and twist. If you're tired of holding jars under hot water, hitting lids on the counter or giving up and reaching for a different food, this may be the tool for you.

Tool 27: Cheese Slicer

If you eat a lot of cheese sandwiches, this tool makes quick work of slicing a block of cheese. These are especially handy if you make toasted cheese sandwiches; all the cheese is the same width and melts at the same rate.

Tool 28: Small, Narrow, Long-Handled Rubber Spatula

Use this kitchen utensil to scrape out the last bit of food from the nooks and crannies of jars.

Tool 29: Multi-Tiered Food Storage Shelves

A handy way to store your spices for quick and easy access is to purchase the small stair-step type storage shelves. Many have three levels for storing spices and other small containers. Some will expand to fit various cupboard widths. Larger sizes may be available for storing bigger containers such as cans, olive oil, etc.

Tool 30: Food Clips

Plastic clips that snap shut and look sort of like hair barrettes are great for fastening opened bags. Keep a bunch handy in your kitchen for quickly closing bags of frozen vegetables, nuts, etc.

One student with a very small budget recommended using little binder clips instead of buying more expensive chip clips. When she opens a bag of something that needs resealing, she folds over the bag and clips it shut with a binder clip.

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