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+ Crispy Five Spice Spring Roll
+ Deep Fried Taro Paste with Minced Duck Meat
+ Braised Stuffed Whole Cabbage with Abalone and Broccoli
+ Pan Fried Freshwater Prawns in Special Sauce
+ Double-Boiled Spring Chicken Soup with Snow Fungus and Quail Eggs
+ Fried Glutinous Rice with Assorted Waxed Meats
+ Chilled Almond-Flavor Soybean Jelly with Longan
+ Spring Blossom Cold Dish Combination
+ Ginger Curry Mussel Stew
+ Tuna-filled Quinoa Croquette

US - British Cooking Terms Equivalent

US British
beefcut from the rump silverside
beer with lemonade shandy
beet beetroot
blueberry bilberry
bread flour; hard-wheat flour flour, strong
confectioners' sugar icing sugar
corn starch corn flour
cornmeal flour, maize
cracker or cookie biscuit
dessert pudding
eggplant aubergine
fat from roasted meat dripping
fine granulated sugar caster sugar
french-fried potatoes chips
golden raisins, seedless raisins sultanas
green bean french bean
ground mince (n.)
ham gammon
heaping spoonful heaped spoonful
heart, liver, and lights (lungs) pluck (n.)
large cut of meat with bone; roast joint
light cream cream, single
meatballs collops
molasses treacle
peanut groundnut
pig's foot pig's trotter
plastic wrap cling film
pork shoulder roast hand of pork
potato chips crisps
sausage bangers
scallion, green onion, bunching onion spring onion
seeded stoned
seeds pips
spatula fish slice
stuffing mixture for meat or fish forcemeat
substitute light corn syrup golden syrup
sweet sherry sack
tuna tunny
variety meats (liver, heart, kidney) offal

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