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How to Microwave and Bake Chicken

If you are looking for a quick and easy chicken recipe, then you should keep on the lookout for one that involves microwaving. However, much of the flavor is sacrificed with this method, and although it can be assisted by salt and pepper, it will not be the same as with other methods of cooking chicken. Despite this, it will result in a tender and moist choice of meat. This is a simple process when the chicken recipe on hand just requires simple cooked chicken, or if it will only be used in a small portion (such as a sandwich).

When using the microwave to cook chicken, it is always best to follow what the directions of the microwave manual say; different microwaves have different heat and wave settings, and these factors could affect the cooking time of your chicken. Pieces of chicken should normally be cooked at a high setting, whereas whole chickens should only be cooked at medium. Put the pieces of chicken in a microwave-suited dish, with the thickest pieces of the outside and the smaller pieces in the center. In the middle of the cooking time, rearrange the pieces to make sure that all parts are cooking equally. This way, all of the chicken will be ready at the same time, and will save you the hassle of worrying about undercooked meat.

During cooking, cover the chicken with wax paper or plastic wrap, but remember to leave one corner open for venting.

Baking is a similar method of cooking chicken to roasting; both of these involve cooking the chicken in an oven. However, whereas roasting is normally done to a while chicken, baking usually only involves pieces of meat. These pieces can be prepared however you like; with out without skin, and with or without bone.

Most baked chicken is coated before it is cooked; this can be done with either just herbs and spices, or with breadcrumbs or sauces. Also, chicken can be baked alongside ingredients from which it can extract flavor from, such as potatoes or vegetables.

The chicken should be baked in a shallow pan, but the pan should be big enough that the pieces do not come into contact with each other; this allows for even cooking and an even brown color. You can turn the chicken over one time during the cooking time; this often depends on the chicken recipe you are using.

You can tell when the chicken is done cooking by the juices that come out when the meat is pierced; it should run clear. Cooking time varies, depending on the size of the meat and the other ingredients baking with it. If you find that some pieces or ingredients are done before everything else, they can be taken out and kept warm by an aluminum foil covering.


Chicken Recipes


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