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Medicinal Values of Ginger

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Young GingerGinger is a very commonly used herb in Chinese cooking. It is used as food and medicine. Both fresh and dried ginger is used as medicine. Dried ginger, however, is more potent than the fresh one. The medicinal properties of ginger differ on how it’s prepared. A ‘Yang’ ingredient, fresh ginger is used to expel external cold and promote sweating. It is also used to reduce or remove toxicity in herbs and food, for example it relieves fish and crab allergies. Dried ginger has a stronger action and is used to expel interior cold and restores exhausted ‘Yang’. Roasted ginger is either fried or roasted until is black. It has a bitter taste and is used to stop bleeding.

Other health benefits of ginger include:

  • Ginger protects the stomach lining from alcohol damage.
  • Ginger improves digestions and activates peristalsis
  • Ginger is a good source of scavengers of free radicals this protecting the body from toxins.
  • Ginger warms the lungs, and resolves phlegm and accumulated fluid.
  • Ginger is used for those with symptoms of abdominal pains, vomiting and diarrhea.

The effectiveness of ginger as medicine has been demonstrated by various scientific studieGinger Roots. It lowers blood cholesterol by inhibiting the cholesterol production of the liver. A study with 55 rheumatoid arthritis patients showed that 75% of them achieved relief from pains and swelling after taking powdered ginger. It is shown that ginger inhibits cytokines production, which is an important process to reduce inflammation. A compound in ginger is shown to kill viruses and hence ginger is a good remedy for colds.

Tips : Next time somebody at home have diarrhea, try this effective formula at home - one teaspoon of ginger juice mixed with a pinch of salt.

Try out these recipes:
1) Ginger Pork
2) Stir Fried Shredded Beef with Ginger
3) Bean Sprouts with Ginger
4) Chinese Grilled Ginger Spareribs
5) Onion and Ginger Crab with Egg

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Fresh ginger rootKnobbly and light brown, ginger root is used widely in Chinese food for its sharp, peppery, spicy, slightly sweet flavor and is especially good with fish as a "de-fisher". Ginger, when used in cooking is sliced into 1/16 inch slices. The slices are usually not eaten. When used for dipping together with vinegar, it is in fine shreds or fine dots and as much of it as will stick to the dipping piece will be eaten.



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